Monday, February 14, 2011

When I started as a Noob 2 years ago


I started this hobby as a noob 2 years ago, and I am really glad I started this hobby with the right group and the right people. This gaming group that I joined, place the interests of modelling and painting as a top priority, unlike some silly group  who concentrate more on game play and WAAC. Don't get me wrong, their models are also very nicely painted, but I despise them cos they were not painted by their own hands. Not having the commitment to paint an army means not having any atachment to the hobby, and when the time comes where the grass is greener on the other side, these people will jump over the fence and land themselves in another shithole

I gave it a lot of thought yesterday about the 4 things which happened last saturday and Sunday,

1. Kenneth ask " If one day, GW is no more(meaning no new editions and new releases), will the hobby still continue?"

My view on this : I am too knee deep in this hobby, and I already have that many models to paint till I go blind and die. Honestly, if GW were to close, it will just mean we have no new models, but is that not a good thing? We will finally have the time to clear the back log that we have always wanted to clear, and not having to worry when new toys start appearing. If there are no new set of rules, will that not be better as well, cos we will not have to argue on the new rules and what has to be changed in order for the new edition to be as good as the previous one(like WHFB 8th edition). I still strongly believe and agree that every edition should be played on its ownand we should accept what the current brings. So, if there is no new edition, we only have to concentrate on playing one edition where everyone will be so damn clear about the rules, cos it will never change in the next 100 years

2. Kenneth caught me point blank when I said I will remove my model to deny my opponent the assault. Ironically,  2 years ago, I gave Kenneth Shit loads of Crap when he did the same thing to me. But then again, he said that is part and parcel of the game

My views : I am glad he pointed this out to me, and I am glad  I was reminded to be myself and not let this kind of ":CHEATING" ruin the game. After thinking it through, I still believe that this is an unethical and lowly act and is a kind of WAAC attitude, I will not even let this evil thought come into my mind ever again. Thie game is about losing and crying over your painted models and not about winning while saying " Run you Zenos Scum, RUn!!!"

3. When  we disembark from an open top vehicle, each and every individual model can be just within 2 inches of the vehicle and not ALL must be within 2 inches of the vehicle.

MY views : Learn the lesson well and go bloody READ the rulebook yourself. DO not let the marines player cloud and blur your vision, just because when those damn marines disembark from their rhino, they have to be within 2 God Damn inches of the access point.

4. Vern sent me an SMS on Sunday night saying" Do not expect a pregnant woman to work, so do not use your transports for tank hunting."

My Views : The imperial marines does this so very well, they have a Rhino, which has no tank hunting capabilities. It is a better transport as compared to most other armies, cos it has an armour of 11 11 10(this is crazy, as small arms fire cannot hurt your tank), ability to carry 10 space marines and to top it off, they have a tank hunting version which is called a razorback and can be armed with a lascannon. The roles of their mini tanks are so very well defined, unlike Dark ELdar, whereb you have a transport that can carry 10 men, is open top, is AV 10 10 10, open Top and has a Dark Lance. I do not have to realise why raiders are a priority target. Which also makes me think if I should remove the Dark Lances from my Raider and change them to a Disintegrator Cannon instead.

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