Thursday, July 29, 2010

Demon Prince......nicer than Terence's in all manners...


Many people choose to use the most powerful miniatures in games but never even bother to give them a nice paint job. But to me every mini is preciousssssssss.........even my slaves are painted with pride

That said......I present to you my 2 cents worth of painted Demon Prince...

Chaos Knight on Barded Steed


As I promise, the manly Chaos Knight on an Adult Grown Barded STeed

and not riding on some silly little PONY

Chaos Knight on Barded PONY

Hi there again......

I present to you the wonderful Chaos Knight on Barded Pony

My little Pony.......

You guys will find out why he rides a PONY in the next post.........

Chaos Marauder with Flail for now....

Hi ,

I am no F**king GAY fish, but............

I cannot hide my obsession with naked muscular men anymore........

Look at all the muscles, one day I will steal all of Kenneth's Ogryns and claim them all as my own.....

The 9 Terminators with Terminator Lord

Hi there again,

There has not been much update at this blog recently.

Now you will get to see a feast of pictures and hopefully it does not get boring.......

These are the 9 terminators and the terminator lord that I will be using in the apoc game on 07/08/2010, together with my 6 existing ones. They form the Chaos Annihilation Force

Here goes......took me 3 damn long weeks to get these done......WTF

Terminator Lord with a pair of Lightning Claws
Of course the Terminator Lord only choose to have
the best as trophies. He selected a SALAMANDER's Helmet

Terminator with Twin-Link Bolter and Power Fist

Terminator with a pair of Lightning Claws

Terminator with Combi-Melta and Chain Fist

Terminator with Combi-Flamer and Power Weapon

Terminator with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist

Terminator with Twin-Link Bolter and Power Fist.
He also has an ULTRA MARINE helmet for tophy

Terminator with a pair of Lightning Claws
He also has an ULTRA MARINE  HELMET as trophy

Terminator with Twin-Link Bolter and Chain Fist

My Favourite model from these 9 is terminator with
Reaper Auto-cannon and Chain Fist

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Da Warboss on Warbike


This next model is a helluva bitch to assemble, to a certain extent, it may be even harder than the KKT. For example, the chain keeps breaking, and the SUSPENSIONS are right under that silly engine!!
The suspensions are where your eyes will never see them and they have no physical impact on the outlook of the model itself

Sad thing is, I have yet to figure out how to use him properly in games, cos he keeps dying prematurely.

Nonetheless, a great looking model.............

After all the Orkz stuff, Lets Kick back a little bit....

Yesterday night, I was feeling very inspired and very happy cos there were no more casualties in my fish tank. So I painted this......

My 1st attempt at a Chaos Warrior, and dun mistake him for Slaanesh.

He is actually undivided.....