Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If all of you were wondering What the F is a Kil Krusha Tank......

This is my attempt at my 1st Forge World Super Heavy, guess what it is.....

A KilKrusha Tank!

Obviously it is gonna be in Death Skullz colour scheme, how else would I paint it?

Anyway, this center piece was done mainly due to our group having a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game on 19/06/2010.

I(Orkz) was teamed with Emporer Lim's Eldar, together we form the children of the Old Ones. It was an interesting match up, cos for once my team mate was not Kenneth, the other Blue Ork. Kenneth(Emporer's children) was teamed with Hong Xi(Traitor Guard, the Red Rivers). It was a day where the center of the whole show was around Kenneth's Brass Scorpion vs the Blue KilKrusha Tank. It was also a day where the Orkz got manipulated by the Eldar, as the Eldar were all hiding in the midst of the Orkz.

In the most cruel war in the grim dark universe, Emporer Lim's Far Seer dealt the final blow to the Brass Scorpion and destroyed it! As usual, when the Blue KilKrusha Tank tried to surge forward to gain greater Glory, it got immobilise in the process, what did you expect from Orkz technology anyway.....

I had awesome fun that day, cos it was the 1st time I did not bring any Lootas in my Orkz list, and Emporer Lim did not bring any Eldar Skimmers. I even brought along my Zzap gun!! On top of all that, I brought Old Zogwort and Emporer Lim brought Baharroth(Swooping Hawks character). Literally, these 2 characters are almost the 2 most useless characters in our armies.

The game ended in a draw, and seriously this is what gaming should be all about. Endless fun and results.......WHO CARES

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