Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wy-ches or lovely Bai(2) Fa(4) mo(2) nv(3)


Check out my white haired witches, they are lovely........I just hope I did not do them in a very static and non dynamic way....Here is my ugly painting and static models


Wy-ch or Witch with Shard Net and Impaler

Normal Wy-ch or Witch

Wy-ch or Witch with Hydra Gauntlets

Hekatrix with Agoniser and Phatasma

To change or not to change.......


Our gaming group recently has discussions about fantasy 8th edition.

I must confess that this is my 1st edition change, and admittedly,Skaven was released when 7th ed was coming to a close. And of course , like one(Dark elf player) say, 8th ed rewards infantry, and cheap ass infantry can win you the game with rules like steadfast and horde. Encouraging more infantry in the game, is that not COOL? To me it is damn cool, more cool than being a son of a cashew nut.

Before this even start, people complain that 7th ed is nonsense and that it became monster hammer, and all WHFB players ever bring to war are heavily armed Lords and heroes and few huge monsters here and there. People were complaining that war is not like that, remember, we are all wargames players, and monsters and mages are only a part of our war. I heard a comment from one of my friends previously, hesay that in war, foot infantry should be amassed and the rest like , cavalry, dragons, mages, manticores should only be used to support foot infantry.

Now that 8th edition encourages TONS of infantry, so technically we should all embrace it and love it right....the answer is NO....which is where all it started

To me this edition encourages at least 40 infantry in a block, either making themselves steadfast or horde, HOWEVER, do note that this can be done done with cheap ass infantry only. So, cool, our opponents may at least bring 1 to 2 blocks of infantry with at least 40 men each block, so what do we do asks those  players who have more expensive infantry? Well , here is where  all  your lvl 4 mages step in. DO note that of all the lores inthe main rule book, all have very massive spells to KILL blocks of infantry, else if your big block meets another big block, it may be a slugfest from turn 2. People want to see manuvering and have wargames, and they do not want magic and templates to kill their troops, fine,  then how long will it take for 40 spearmen to kill 40 chaos marauders? How  to manuver your troops when they are  lock in with another block from turn 2 in a slugfest? WHich means that lvl 4 mage is ever so important in the game

So, that much said magic is  needed to kill big blocks so that other  stuff can manuver. Next thing is Kinghts, and flank charging. Flank charging should not negate ranks, coming in from the flank and flanking the enemy infantry block while your own infantry hold them up. killing your opponent's block faster than they kill yours sound like a strategy to me. Once that is done your knights can go around Manuvering and killing other stuff.

OKOK, I want my knights to charge into combat by themselves, cool , for starters your knights can always charge elite and expensive infantry,like swordmasters, black guard, doomwheel, plague monks,things that may be too expensive to mass up 40 in a block can be fed to cavalry. Ask  and expect 5 commandoes to take and destroy 100 Infantry from the flank, I think 5 commandoes also think Thrice

SO finally, a lot of people say ASF should not be reroll to hit, then my friend who plays High Elves said, "then my ASF for what??" if it isjust striking 1st, then his initiative is already higher than other races,so whats the point of him having ASF?

AFter all that talk, however , some hobbyists are models driven ,some hobbyists are game driven. To each his own, its your time, your models and your hobby

PHEW, I  still do think that 8th edition should be played on its own to avoid confusion between players, and 8th edition and 7th edition are not that far apart in terms of rules. However, if any of my gaming buddies want to try some house rules, I will gladly try out with them and give them my genuine andsincere feedback on the experience

Don't say the pie stinks when you have not even lick it

I lost the fight


Its been a week or so since my last update. This past weekend Kenneth and I had a game using one of the scenarios from Astronomicon. The scenarios initially has a baneblade as a tank and it actually moves, but since Kenneth and I were doing this for the 1st time and to be perfectly honest, we both hate complex scenarios which has a ton of rules. In this game that we had, I learn something Huge, that offensive and defensive grenades are actually brilliant and VERY important. Since it was a game whereby its Orkz vs Orkz, having the stikkbombz will gain Orkz an advantage, coz when either side charges into cover, at least they do not strike last. Anywayz, we decided to swap the Baneblade with Kenneth's Shadowsword, and place the Shadowsword right in the center of the table, and whoever has an INfantry model touching the tank gets to fire all its gunz at the Orkz fantastic bs. However if there is an opponent's infantry touching the tank as well, on that particular player's turn, he has to roll 4+ to fire the tank. They iz fighting over which button to prezz.

We deployed on the short edges of the table, and we agreed that on the 1st turn, only the models on foot will be marching in from the edges, and on turn 2, all other stuff including infantry with transports will then start coming in from the edge.

Kenneth who secured the1st turn obviously will be getting to the Shadowsword 1st. Whenever you want to even consider to drive your own tanks through DT, be sure to check if your tank  is equipped with a dozer blade or not, else getting immobolise in the middle of no mans's land is a disgrace to the imperium. Guess what, the silly SHadowsword is actually empty, which is such a shame, to think that the tank commander and his   crew will abandon the tank when they see Orkz coming. They should have stayed and die with thetank, just like how Kaptins die with their ships, the tank being abandoned will mean that there is no 2nd prize if we did not loot the tank before the other blue Orkz loot it. If we lost, we be going home empty handed, cos there is no tank commander for us to capture and rape. On to the battlefield Boyz.....

The Prized Posesion,the abandoned Shadowsword

My Edge of the table asI rolled in in turn 2

Kenneth's side of the table

Kenneth brought along his Lootas,Idid not

I may have a Godly KFF, but Kenneth's Orkz bought terminator armour. He complained that I saved 3 Str D hits from the Shadowsword, but he forget to mention that he make 3 6+ saves from my Burnaz

Seriously nothing from the game disturb me a lot, except the fact that when Orkz charge into cover, they don't kill other Orkz 1st, as they strike at I1. I really mind the fact that when I charge , I strike later than the dude who is hum and hide in cover. Time to replan my lists and buy stikkbombz. If you wonder why I never realise this earlier and buy them, cos  those damn Marines get them Free, GDI

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark Eldar has arrived....


My Dark Eldar stuff finally , I am so excited and I am all wet and ready
I happily assembled 10 warriors, and after that I stared at them for 24hrs..........What is my colour scheme?
How The hell do I paint these guys? They are sleek and they don body suits, I initially decided to paint them up in green, and thank god I did not , cos there is another dude from another gaming community who did them in green as well.

But the real reason that  I drop the green  idea is because I happily poured in my remaining chaos black into my remaining Hawk me the perfect starting colour, however, little did I realise that that pot of hawk turqoise is the last pot I have with me, and I may have the base colour, but I do not have the colour for the highlights. Sensing the Itch in my ass got the better of me, and me being the dude who keeps reminding my friends to always have spares for everything.......I decided to give Kenneth a call to settle my ass itch.,

And Kenneth being the nice guy, help me with my itch. Vermin Brown was decided.......and here are the Dark ELdar warriors. Splinter Rifle is in Green, looks poisonous to you?

I do need suggestions for my Base Rim colour, Bestial brown or Codex Grey? I did the sand in Desert Yellow and then drybrushed in White.........Suggestions and crictism are all welcome...

MY 1st Squad of completed Thousand Sons


I have decided to use the Thousand Sons for the mass beach landing that my gaming group has planned.

I Think I am way behind time to complete this army, and now with  Dark Eldar and Ghost of Sparta as big distraction, I think one squad may all I will ever be doing until I complete my Dark Eldar

My Lascannon Chaos Havoc Marine


I have not done an update since a week, and it has been a busy week.

I am trying to complete a squad of Chaos Havoc Marines before Dark Eldar  hits my home.

and this is the lascannon dude. I have made a point in the miniature, even in  death, Salamanders also keep their hair colour Green, no doubt their face is black for the entire life time

Friday, November 12, 2010

My proudly converted Red Corsair with Auto Cannon


Recently one of my friends show me a blasphemy, some dude in another gaming community converted and kit bash one of the fugliest Ork army I have ever seein. The worse part is,that dude cannot take crictism, and instead say he does what he likes and hope that his ork army will bring a  smile to other gamer's faces....

Ridiculous, after this incident, I have decided that I will not have anything to do the gamers from that particular community. I certainly do not want to face a crappy army with POMs POMs for base materials. You insult everyone in the Warhammer communtiy

At least make your conversions and paint them with 2 cents worth of paint job like me