Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Warmaster Army ---- High Elves


I was complaining in my previous post how I hate the new plastik High Elves and all that.

But when it comes to selecting my warmaster army, I choose High Elves. These High Elves are absolutely more cute looking as compared to the WHFB ones.

The reason I choose High Elves here is because, I will never paint and collect an army of High Elves ever in WHFB cos they are gay and fugly

It was amazing how nicely they were sculpted and they are also very detailed.

Maybe you all should start considering to play and collect Warmasters instead. Look at my Salamanders High Elves

Island of Blood has Arrived


Island of Blood has finally arrived!!!!!

This is the new starter box set to kick off 8th edition. Now to be very unfair cos I am a Skaven player, I absolutely do not understand  when people say how AWESOME the High Elves look in the IOB, look at the new Lothern Sea Guard wearing panties, and look at the Silver Helms where the riders has legs the same size as the horses they are riding, and look at that trannny half bird half pussy thing that they called a Griffon, and the worse thing is that on top of that Griffon thing, there is a rider........Where are the Demon and Witch Hunters when we truly need them?? Finally the swordmasters are static, it seems like their sword is too heavy for them. I truly and hands and legs down agree with my friend when he decide to use them as wood elves

Now after all that , GW rub it in my fat face further by releasing 3 new plastik kits....1st, The Dragon Princes which easily pass as Blood Knights and they truly make me convince myself why I never like Elves on Horse action when I watch Porn. 2nd, the white coloured lions of Disgrace, I am sure these elves and totally nekkid to the core, even shaving their pubic areas clean, hairless men lose all their confidence in war, cos if you are a hairless man, you are effectively a Woman.....last but not least, is the release of the Penis guard, what kind of male guard are you if you guard a Penis that does not belong to you, Disgusting.......

Now, with more love in the air, let me tell you what awesomeness IOB offer to the Skaven playas.

To kick it all off, you get a very fierce and blood thirst looking Skaven Warlord, he has a Spear in one hand and a butcher knife in another, armed amazingly for war, unlike some races where the general choose to sit atop some griffon and hide behind the Griffon when it comes to the crunch.

Next you get a brand new plastik Warlord Engineer, and this one comes with a warplock pistol, and you do not have to wonder how you are going to WYSIWYG that pistol anymore.

If you think thats it, then you are wrong....cos Skaven playas also receive 2 brutal looking Rat Ogres, and these are brand new sculpts, and coming with the rat ogres is a Master Moulder. and now you do not have to think about how to WYSIWYG a Master Moulder as well.

Inside the box also comes with 20 clanrats with spears and 20 clanrats with hand weapons and shield, and if you think these are useless and are nothing special, then I will be happy to take them all off from you, cos the banner bearers are all unique to this box and cannot be found anywhere else and so are the musicians

Lastly with Clan Rats, you also get weapon Teams. They give you a brand new Warpfire Thrower and this

Its Been a Loooooooooooong time since my last update


It has been quite some time since my previous update. There are some who doubted me when I said I wanted to start a WHFB Chaos Army, and they wondered if I can ever finish painting the army.

Well, my way of doing this Chaos army will be very different from my previous armies. For those of my friends who know me, I love painting muscles......So how very tempting when one of my friends actually syggested that I paint a Nekkid Chaos army, where everyone in the army do not wear Chaos Armour.

I immediately go crazy, as I love the I don't think I want to be known as some dude who depend Chaos armour saves to win the game

I am going to take my own sweet time to model and paint them, painting each model as an individual rather than paint them as a unit. I am not going to batch paint this army.

So here comes my 8th Nekkid Marauder with Great Weapon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Malifaux.2nd coming

Hey Dudes,

Cannot stop painting Malifaux, so here is the one they call the Bishop

I am starting to like this flesh tone a lot.

Astro Grey, wash with Devlan Mud and then highlight using Bleach Bone

Awesome tone that can fit into the whole Malifaux thing

Enough rubbish comes the mini

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi all,

It has been some time since my last posting on the apoc game.
The reason for this delay is because I no longer have inspiration to paint my minis.

I no longer have the drive to paint up a full squad of infantry.

Many bad things have happened, I failed my recent interview. It teaches me that even if you work in a Japanese company for the past 6 years, you will never get appreciated by an european and US cmpany, no doubt its still sales and electronic components. That was only one of the reason for my failure. other reasons are not to be stated here. But with all bad things happening, only one thing good came about..... My MALIFAUX miniatures arrived. Hahahahahah

The good thing about this hobby is that one can do it all alone, even if there is no one else in the world to hobby with. It is a hobby that involve miniatures and painting. On the other hand, we need an opponent for games in order for us to have the drive to paint an entire army.

So, I took a break.....and finally after I spoke to my friend who called me an Ogryn, I came up with enough inspiration and effort in a night's work to come up with this.....Enjoy

Please do leave me some comments and ideas on what colour to do my base and eyes.