Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi all,

It has been some time since my last posting on the apoc game.
The reason for this delay is because I no longer have inspiration to paint my minis.

I no longer have the drive to paint up a full squad of infantry.

Many bad things have happened, I failed my recent interview. It teaches me that even if you work in a Japanese company for the past 6 years, you will never get appreciated by an european and US cmpany, no doubt its still sales and electronic components. That was only one of the reason for my failure. other reasons are not to be stated here. But with all bad things happening, only one thing good came about..... My MALIFAUX miniatures arrived. Hahahahahah

The good thing about this hobby is that one can do it all alone, even if there is no one else in the world to hobby with. It is a hobby that involve miniatures and painting. On the other hand, we need an opponent for games in order for us to have the drive to paint an entire army.

So, I took a break.....and finally after I spoke to my friend who called me an Ogryn, I came up with enough inspiration and effort in a night's work to come up with this.....Enjoy

Please do leave me some comments and ideas on what colour to do my base and eyes.

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