Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Demon Prince of Tzeentch

Hi All,

What is a Tzeentch army when there is no Magnus the Red?

Predator - Destructor Variant

Hi All,

I present to you the long forgotten and almost rarely seen Destructor Variant of the Predator...

Tzeentch Possesed!!!


Its been like 4 months since the last update.
My sincere apologies for going MIA for 4 months.

It has been a hectic and chaotic 4 months, with me changing new job and losing that new job.
Now that I am jobless, i shall continue blogging.

Most of the people following this blog will know that I have a Red Corsairs army, a Dark Eldar army and an Ork army. The gaming group that I hang out with has decided to run a PE campaign, guess what I committed, a Thousand Sons Army. Why Double Chaos army in my collection?

Well, the Thousand Sons collection will let me have a cult army and this army will be speshuu in a sense that it will feature all the rarely seen and unused units in my Red Corsairs collection.

The first unit being my favourite , TZEENTCH POSSESED !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Beasts are coming


Its only my 2nd update in April, I have been tied down by work lately and do not have much time to paint.

My Beastmasters and Clawed Fiend came in. Beastmasters are flawed in the packaging as GW packed a Succubus body inside the blister instead of giving me a beastmaster...Arghhhhh...GW...

Luckily my Clawed Fiend came in perfect condition,and I painted him, but whats the use of a clawed fiend when you have no beastmaster......HAIZ

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grot sponsons for the Submarine is Done

Hi all,

Its been sometime since my last update. This month I have been very busy with touching up my Orks. I will be posting the updates of what I have touch up through the weeks of April, and to be honest, touching up is not easy

But 1st and foremost, as I promosed my warboss, I will be doing up my 2 Grot Sponsons for the submarine to get ready for this Saturday's game. I am a man of my word, If I commit, I will Deliver.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Not sleeping on Friday nights causes Hallucinations


A good friend came over on Friday night to prepare for his game against Chaos on the following Saturday afternoon. He had the following to get assembled

30 Orc Savage boyz
3 River Trolls
3 boxes of Savage Orc Boar Boyz

I was suppose to keep him company while I paint my 40k Orks, BUT looking at the way and speed he assembles(its like a woman putting on makeup) his models, I figured I better give him a hand....

And by 1145pm on Saturday morning, we finished ONLY 30 savage Orcs and 3 River Trolls, and that is with my help........If I had not step in, Elmer may have only 20 Savage Orc Big Uns Arrear Boyz to use that afternoon

There are 2 reasons which I absolutely regretted in helping him, and why I should have heeded the advice
from Benny Hill " A friend in need is a Pain in the Arse"........
1. The 30 Savage Orcs Big Uns Arrear Boyz were in reserve.....
2. I was so sleepy that Saturday afternoon that I was having these...

Look at that Freaking Mangler Squig.....AM I fucking Dreaming or What??

1400 points of Warmaster Battle with Beer


I fought this battle with Kenneth about 3 weeks ago, the reason why this came up so late was because, I forgot that the photos were in my iphone.......

Anyway, to sum up the battle report, 300 points for a Dragon Rider unit is not worth died in turn one, due to user problems........I lost thebloody game, but I had fun and beer makes up for everything

Beer with games always means FUN
See my Dragon getting the 1st turn charge
Kenf's battle line
My lovely Giant Eagles
Do NOT ask me why kenf's crotch is in the photo

One of my friends left the campaign...

Hi all,

Today I will be updating on the list of "presents" I have wanted to paint for my good friend, Vern.

Note that if he has not left the campaign early, I will not be having this update at all, all these are the small "surprises" I have in stall for him and now that he has left the campaign for personal reasons, I feel that I have no rush or rather no drive to finish what I have planned.

If  "Why?" comes across your mind, then my answer to that will be, only certain people in the gaming community appreciate it when their opponents fields a stupid and fun list. There are many out there who claims that they like fun games and can field "fun" lists, but their "fun" is way different from my "fun". Their "fun" usually means, I wanna have "FUN" tabling you, whereas my fun is generally using a never used before unit OR the most dumbass unit in the codex and try to win games. These are some of the units that you will almost never see in an Ork list these days.

Looking back, I have only seen 3 people in my group who have used fun units before, and the units being,
1. Legion of the Damn
2. Possesed Chaos Space Marines
3. Swooping Hawks

For Vern Lim, here are the "presents".....I have completed the Warbuggy and the Half Track, as for the MegaNobz and StormBoyz, I have only done one of each, and that's about all that will be done.