Monday, March 14, 2011

One of my friends left the campaign...

Hi all,

Today I will be updating on the list of "presents" I have wanted to paint for my good friend, Vern.

Note that if he has not left the campaign early, I will not be having this update at all, all these are the small "surprises" I have in stall for him and now that he has left the campaign for personal reasons, I feel that I have no rush or rather no drive to finish what I have planned.

If  "Why?" comes across your mind, then my answer to that will be, only certain people in the gaming community appreciate it when their opponents fields a stupid and fun list. There are many out there who claims that they like fun games and can field "fun" lists, but their "fun" is way different from my "fun". Their "fun" usually means, I wanna have "FUN" tabling you, whereas my fun is generally using a never used before unit OR the most dumbass unit in the codex and try to win games. These are some of the units that you will almost never see in an Ork list these days.

Looking back, I have only seen 3 people in my group who have used fun units before, and the units being,
1. Legion of the Damn
2. Possesed Chaos Space Marines
3. Swooping Hawks

For Vern Lim, here are the "presents".....I have completed the Warbuggy and the Half Track, as for the MegaNobz and StormBoyz, I have only done one of each, and that's about all that will be done.

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