Monday, January 24, 2011

Check out my Painted Dark Eldar Raider


Morning .....and I am very sleep and tired.

I had assembled a 2nd raider last night, and after doing that, I remembered that I have to take photos of the 1st Raider which I had completed on Saturday. Here are my 2 cents worth of paint job,

Raider Only looks good with the Aether Sail

See my Obsidian Rose Logo, nice right

Look at how many thrusters this thing has...

The utmost important Dark Lance

Thursday, January 20, 2011



I have posted pictures of Kabalite warriors and Wyches, now its time for Hellions.

Why Hellions ? Because I have 21 Reaver Jetbikes and I do not feel like assembling them and paiting them right now.

Thats not the reason, the main reason is because people say jetbikes are so much efficient and better than Hellions, so I want to try out my Hellions 1st. Hellionsare not sucky, no unit in a codex is sucky, its just that there are better options. I realise we do not need to try units which are already deem as "effective". I buy all units equally, whether they are the most "cheesy"unit or not. In my next update, I will show you my painted Mandrakes. WHen I break the news to mygaming friends that I have 20 Mandrakes, one dude mock at me and said" I really don't know their function in the army and how to use them". To me , they are a new release and they just look so damn cool.

Commitment is the key to collecting armies and my painted Reaver knights


A lot of people say painting an army is a very daunting task, giving mindless excuses like " WHat, painting a mini takes 2 hrs...." or something like" I am not good at painting,I will do an ugly paint job and spoil the mini"
The worse one I ever heard is " it will be about a year after this new release that I can complete the painting and get to play, nah, by then I may have already lost interest." Of course the most funny one I ever heard is " I cannot paint at home........" Try painting in the toilet next time, looking at your own D%$@ may give you inspiration

Well, to each his own, these past 2 years, I have learn a lot from Kenneth, not only has he taught me painting and choosing colour schemes, he has also taught me how to stay alive in this hobby(also he taught me how to use Lootas in a Battlewagon....shhhh). I am glad I followed the right group and pick the right path for the hobby. In the short 2 years that I joined, I painted at least 3000pts of Orks, 3000pts of Chaos Space Marines, 3000pts of Skaven. So, when anyone tells me their so called reasons, I have a tendency to find that these are all excuses and not  100% true.

Watching an English Serial : at least 30mins
Playing PC and Video games : at least 2 hours
Reading Space Marines Novel : No time wasted , as this is done in the toilet
Reading the pointless WD : 1 hour
Dreaming about screwing pinoys : 1 hour
Coming to work : 8 hours
Looking at INDIAN woman in black top and white bra : 15mins
Going home to Jerk off  after that: 45mins, including imagining time

There is nothing wrong in spending time doing all these examples I have stated. We have a lot of time, most of it are not spent painting, I have a Tyranid friend, who goes to school early just to paint his minis and  when he goes home at night, he spends time painting his DE. He is married as well, he does not give excuses
And to those who use marraige and kids as an excuse for having no time for this hobby,You might as well go burn all your minis and call it quits. Just for your information, I am married with 3 kids and I cough out minis like no tomorrow.

It is dedication and determination and not just talk......I painted these in 3 hours

My Useless HE hero on Giant Eagle


Other poeple have Griffon that causes Terror, my Giant Eagle causes terror to the hero riding it, hence in the very 1st battle, it DIED..........therefore it deserve my 2 cents worth of paint job

Back to myself again


I have been updating this blog with a lot of text but this time round, its gonna be back to showing off my ugly and 2 cents worth of paint job again.

No one does miniatures like Games Workshop, the number 1 toy soldier manufacturer in UK and JB, some also say Batam

WHen the ministures are nicely sculpted, just a simple and ugly paint job from me will make them look perfect