Thursday, January 20, 2011



I have posted pictures of Kabalite warriors and Wyches, now its time for Hellions.

Why Hellions ? Because I have 21 Reaver Jetbikes and I do not feel like assembling them and paiting them right now.

Thats not the reason, the main reason is because people say jetbikes are so much efficient and better than Hellions, so I want to try out my Hellions 1st. Hellionsare not sucky, no unit in a codex is sucky, its just that there are better options. I realise we do not need to try units which are already deem as "effective". I buy all units equally, whether they are the most "cheesy"unit or not. In my next update, I will show you my painted Mandrakes. WHen I break the news to mygaming friends that I have 20 Mandrakes, one dude mock at me and said" I really don't know their function in the army and how to use them". To me , they are a new release and they just look so damn cool.

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