Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apocalypse : The emporer commands you to fight and lose

Hi there,

We had a great apoc gaming weekend last saturday, here are some of the reasons why it had been great.

1. it was raining heavily on Saturday
2. Kenneth and I were late.
3. We lost our way when driving to the condo
4. We had a problem with parking in the condo
5. I was tired and gettign caught in the rain made it worse
6. My apoc partner , Soo, was feeling feverish

Those 6 reasons are just why Apoc is "awesome"

It was the not so impressive  imperials vs chaorks

1. Orkish looking Salamanders --->YQ is the commander, and the "Emporer"
2. Not so ULTRA Ulta Malines ---> Chris is the commander
3. Hum Ji Imperial Guard ---> Kenneth is the commander

Da Xenos
1. Always mounted Orks ---> Soo is the commander
2. The ever advancing Red Cosairs ---> Myself is the commander

The Red Corsairs

Da Orkz

The Imperial Guard

The Salamanders

The Ultra Marines

Red Corsairs during deployment

Stompa and Orkz during deployment

See that fantastic Demon Prince

And of course, the Ulta Malines as usual as HUM JI as ever

Death Strike Missle deployed and ready to strike

Line breaker Squadron also ready to move

How can an Apoc game happen without the Super Heavies?

And Ogryns, luckily there are only 5...where is the 6th one??

Soo very proud of his deployment

Myself, feeling so happy that the game will be short for the Red Corsairs

Kenneth is feeling excited cos for once he can shout "FOR THE EMPRA"

this is just plain FUNNY

You can see who will be licking who in the game later

See those TITTIES??

After Deployment, We are both Stressed

How can you not have a supervisor to inspect the pain job?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thousand Sons Paint Scheme

Hi All,

Kindly give me some comments on my Thousand Sons Paint scheme.

I think its nice and different.

Here goes,

Chosen CHaos Space Marines

Hi All,

My latest blog update will be Chosen Chaos Space Marines.

They will be used in the Apocaplypse game which is happening tomorrow, and these Chosen will wipe out whatever AWESOMENESS, awesomeness that the Ulta Marines and Sallies have

Only Chaos Space Marines are awesome, awesome

Chaos Chosen Champion with Power Fist

1st Chaos Chosen Space Marine with Melta Gun

2nd  Chosen Chaos Space Marine with Melta Gun

3rd Chosen Chaos Space Marine with Melta Gun

Chosen Chaos Space Marine with Flamer