Monday, March 14, 2011

Not sleeping on Friday nights causes Hallucinations


A good friend came over on Friday night to prepare for his game against Chaos on the following Saturday afternoon. He had the following to get assembled

30 Orc Savage boyz
3 River Trolls
3 boxes of Savage Orc Boar Boyz

I was suppose to keep him company while I paint my 40k Orks, BUT looking at the way and speed he assembles(its like a woman putting on makeup) his models, I figured I better give him a hand....

And by 1145pm on Saturday morning, we finished ONLY 30 savage Orcs and 3 River Trolls, and that is with my help........If I had not step in, Elmer may have only 20 Savage Orc Big Uns Arrear Boyz to use that afternoon

There are 2 reasons which I absolutely regretted in helping him, and why I should have heeded the advice
from Benny Hill " A friend in need is a Pain in the Arse"........
1. The 30 Savage Orcs Big Uns Arrear Boyz were in reserve.....
2. I was so sleepy that Saturday afternoon that I was having these...

Look at that Freaking Mangler Squig.....AM I fucking Dreaming or What??

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