Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tzeentch Possesed!!!


Its been like 4 months since the last update.
My sincere apologies for going MIA for 4 months.

It has been a hectic and chaotic 4 months, with me changing new job and losing that new job.
Now that I am jobless, i shall continue blogging.

Most of the people following this blog will know that I have a Red Corsairs army, a Dark Eldar army and an Ork army. The gaming group that I hang out with has decided to run a PE campaign, guess what I committed, a Thousand Sons Army. Why Double Chaos army in my collection?

Well, the Thousand Sons collection will let me have a cult army and this army will be speshuu in a sense that it will feature all the rarely seen and unused units in my Red Corsairs collection.

The first unit being my favourite , TZEENTCH POSSESED !

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