Friday, November 12, 2010

My proudly converted Red Corsair with Auto Cannon


Recently one of my friends show me a blasphemy, some dude in another gaming community converted and kit bash one of the fugliest Ork army I have ever seein. The worse part is,that dude cannot take crictism, and instead say he does what he likes and hope that his ork army will bring a  smile to other gamer's faces....

Ridiculous, after this incident, I have decided that I will not have anything to do the gamers from that particular community. I certainly do not want to face a crappy army with POMs POMs for base materials. You insult everyone in the Warhammer communtiy

At least make your conversions and paint them with 2 cents worth of paint job like me

1 comment:

  1. umm... got to say it look mean n fierce... hahaha kind of tempted to start a 40K chaos marines army after looking at it...
    but still got quite abit of Dark Elves to clear... looks like i will have to endure temptation for another while more...