Friday, November 12, 2010

Check Out My Undead Roman + Whales Fleet.....


A very good morning to all of you.

I have been  in the Tabletop miatures gaming hobby  for about 2 years. I have only 3 painted armies so far,
which is not a big achievement to many people out there. It actually will take a person an average timimng of about 6 months to complete a warhammer army. I was lucky to have joined the correct gaming group and cultivated the correct gaming habits.

I have to say that painting and modelling is actuallyt the biggest part of a  miniature hobby. And games will certainly help to instill that kind of discipline in painting and modelling. Painting an army is always for oneself and one should sort out their lives properly and paint with passion and discipline. With all this crap, I bring you my Unchartered Seas Bone Griffons Fleet

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  1. the fish looks real dead/injured from attacks, nice job on that...