Thursday, November 4, 2010

Warmaster High Elves Character


I am very addicted to warmaster because of a few reasons.

1. Magic is minimal and NOT game winning
2. Close Combat is fast and Brutal and finishes in 1 phase ,unlike some other silly games where the combat may drag on forever and that silly system has a rule that you cannot fire into combat. I thought that by starting and playing WHFB skaven, I can overcome that silly rule, but NO...and to be honest, I am disappointed
3. Infantry is essential and of utmost importance  in the game itself, unlike some other systems
4. Cheesy warmachine are kept at 1 per 1k in the game to keep the game balance
5. Command is needed to activate the troops, battle field friction  or fog of war somel iket o call it,which also means the ordered may not be carried out to the general's liking cos maybe the troops did not hear the order.

What makes a good miniature game, 1st of all, the fluff have to be great and in depth, next  the rule books and faction books must be full coloured, a  Clear set of rules and make the rules section an enjoyable read, so that readers will not be bored to death by the rules. lastlly, do not ever introduce miniatures like Land Raider Redeemers and Thunder Hammer Termiantors to unbalance the game!!!

Only 4 on the Floor  have achieved that so far, Privateer Press,  Battlefront miniatures , Spartan Games and Wyrd Miniatures. These 4 companies bring you Warmachine / Hordes, Flames of War, Unchartered Seas / Firestorm Armada and the all time steampunk, victorian horror, comical, game without a dice...Malifaux

More in my blog on these 4 companies later, now my 2 cents worth of ugly paint job

With all these characters completed, I have enough  for a 890pts game without  magic items.

Here are the boring pictures.

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  1. Considering that the models are tiny, the paint job is not that bad :-) but... the color scheme really reminds me of xmas esp with the decors up...