Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I started Warhammer 40K in October 2009

I shared a warhammer 40K box set with my friend, Choo, in October 2009. He wanted the Spazz Malines in the starter set and I happily took all the Orks, cos Spazz Malines absolutely do not look appealing to me and they had no details and no muscles, making them completely boring shit.

So I went home happily with a Warboss, 20 Ork Boyz, 3 Deff Koptas and 5 Nobz.

After browsing through the Ork Codex, I have decided to paint them as DeathSkullz, and I choose Enchanted blue for the brightness. As for the Ork Skin and muscles, I have no idea what Green to use, so I ended up buying many pots of green paints

Not knowing any of the guys who were painting at Comics Mart at that time, I decided not to ask for any form of advice and I stupidly went to look at the Ork painting guides online. The methods that the website shows uses a traditional method of layering for the Ork muscles, and the colour turns out to be very DULL.

So I experimented with all the greens I have, first coat using Dark Angels and highlight using Camo Green. My Ork ended up looking like a Wasabi running around with a Slugga and Choppa.

I got frustrated and disappointed with the paint scheme, so I decided to be thick skin and go ask the guys at the store the following weekend, granted that I know no hobbyists from the store except for the guys working there.

Arriving at the store on one of the Saturdays, I was surprised to see a guy(Kenneth) there also painting BLUE ORKS, so I stand nearby and observe how he paints them. But after some observation, I still could not get any idea of what he is doing, cos he was painting a TRUKK!!
With desperation in me to get the colour scheme of my Orks right, I decided to talk to ask him.

To my surprise, without thinking, Kenneth told me that the skin is Goblin Green and wash using Devlan Mud and highlight using Goblin Green again. Not believing him cos he is also BLUE, I decided to go home and gave it a shot, and to my surprise, it came up to be the exact colour I wanted and the method is fairly easy to follow. and the first Goblin Green Ork is painted

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  1. Hahaha... steal my colour scheme means must PAY TAX!!!