Monday, February 14, 2011

Archon....Number one leader in failing a 2+ Invul save.....


Here is my painted Archon, he is suppose to be that damn good.

Let me tell you the stats, has 4 base attacks, +1 attack for additional Close Combat weapon, +1 attack if he charges, he potentially has 6 , I repeat myself, 6 agoniser attacks on a charge at Initiative 7, and he is at weapon skill 7 as well. He has a default Kabalite Armour , which confers a 5+ armour save, however he can have a funky equipment known as a Shadow Field(30 points), which confers a 2+ Invulnerable save. However, if any of these saves are failed, theShadow Field shorts out. Base on these stats, he should be killing whatever he and his unit touches. Guess what..........I have FAILED that 2+ invulnerable save on 2 seperate occassions and rolling a 1 on the 1st wound taken, hence causing the Shadow Field to short out....and my Archon dying in the process.

If you all think this sucks, then you have to think again, cause, he is actually with 5 Incubis. Together this silly little unit has 15 power weapon and 6 Agoniser attacks, hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s, and the opponent has no save whatsoever except for the silly little Invulnerable save.....and I lost combat.....and was swept cos I is not a marine and I do not have ATSKNF......

Nonetheless, I still painted him proudly,

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