Thursday, February 10, 2011



Happy Chinese New Year!!

I have managed to finish 2 Incubis last night, the only thing I do not understand is why I have chosen the same 2 poses.
Personally, I feel that the sculpts for the Incubis are alritght, its just that GW's official paint scheme(white Helmets) which made them look clownish. That being said, I chose to paint the helmets the same colour as the armour, making them look a little bit better imho. Once I finish this squad of 5 Incubis, I am 2 Ravagers, 3 Haemonculis, 1 Archon and 1/2 a Raider to go to complete a 1.9k painted Dark Eldar army. I hope to be able to complete them by end Feb 2011.

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