Monday, February 28, 2011

Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes

Hi to my 3 fans,

Its been like 2 weeks since my last project posting, I was scheduled to fight Salamanders last Saturday(26/02/2011), so I decided to paint up a new unit to fight them.

Looking through all my unopen boxes on the floor, there is only one Dark Eldar unit  from the new release which I have not done up, Jes Goodwin's sculpted Reaver Jetbikes.....This is an awesome in game unit, but somehow I still prefer Juan Diaz's Hellions, who doesn't like Green Goblin?

I bought 7 boxes of these idiots, and one box gives you 3, so technically I should have 21 right? Wrong, I can ever only have 14, cos I am only using the female bodies for the bikers. Females with big boobies riding a sleek jetbike seems awesome , and here they are

 All 6 bikers squeezing  in one photo
 My  first completed Reaver Jetbike

 He has a Splinter Rifle

 Everybody loves the faceless helmets
 This babe here has a blaster

 This is the devastating Cluster Caltrops which does D6 S6 hits per fly by

Last but not least, is the infamous heat lance

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  1. Look cool... but i think u weren't very honest when you say big boobies... it should be big sagging boobies :-)