Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark Eldar has arrived....


My Dark Eldar stuff finally , I am so excited and I am all wet and ready
I happily assembled 10 warriors, and after that I stared at them for 24hrs..........What is my colour scheme?
How The hell do I paint these guys? They are sleek and they don body suits, I initially decided to paint them up in green, and thank god I did not , cos there is another dude from another gaming community who did them in green as well.

But the real reason that  I drop the green  idea is because I happily poured in my remaining chaos black into my remaining Hawk Turqoise.....giving me the perfect starting colour, however, little did I realise that that pot of hawk turqoise is the last pot I have with me, and I may have the base colour, but I do not have the colour for the highlights. Sensing the Itch in my ass got the better of me, and me being the dude who keeps reminding my friends to always have spares for everything.......I decided to give Kenneth a call to settle my ass itch.,

And Kenneth being the nice guy, help me with my itch. Vermin Brown was decided.......and here are the Dark ELdar warriors. Splinter Rifle is in Green, looks poisonous to you?

I do need suggestions for my Base Rim colour, Bestial brown or Codex Grey? I did the sand in Desert Yellow and then drybrushed in White.........Suggestions and crictism are all welcome...

MY 1st Squad of completed Thousand Sons


I have decided to use the Thousand Sons for the mass beach landing that my gaming group has planned.

I Think I am way behind time to complete this army, and now with  Dark Eldar and Ghost of Sparta as big distraction, I think one squad may all I will ever be doing until I complete my Dark Eldar

My Lascannon Chaos Havoc Marine


I have not done an update since a week, and it has been a busy week.

I am trying to complete a squad of Chaos Havoc Marines before Dark Eldar  hits my home.

and this is the lascannon dude. I have made a point in the miniature, even in  death, Salamanders also keep their hair colour Green, no doubt their face is black for the entire life time

Friday, November 12, 2010

My proudly converted Red Corsair with Auto Cannon


Recently one of my friends show me a blasphemy, some dude in another gaming community converted and kit bash one of the fugliest Ork army I have ever seein. The worse part is,that dude cannot take crictism, and instead say he does what he likes and hope that his ork army will bring a  smile to other gamer's faces....

Ridiculous, after this incident, I have decided that I will not have anything to do the gamers from that particular community. I certainly do not want to face a crappy army with POMs POMs for base materials. You insult everyone in the Warhammer communtiy

At least make your conversions and paint them with 2 cents worth of paint job like me

Undead Destroyer


This is one cute destroyer. Look at that weapon on the ship, you do not have to wonder why this small litttle ship is called a destroyer

Check Out My Undead Roman + Whales Fleet.....


A very good morning to all of you.

I have been  in the Tabletop miatures gaming hobby  for about 2 years. I have only 3 painted armies so far,
which is not a big achievement to many people out there. It actually will take a person an average timimng of about 6 months to complete a warhammer army. I was lucky to have joined the correct gaming group and cultivated the correct gaming habits.

I have to say that painting and modelling is actuallyt the biggest part of a  miniature hobby. And games will certainly help to instill that kind of discipline in painting and modelling. Painting an army is always for oneself and one should sort out their lives properly and paint with passion and discipline. With all this crap, I bring you my Unchartered Seas Bone Griffons Fleet

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Warmaster High Elves Character


I am very addicted to warmaster because of a few reasons.

1. Magic is minimal and NOT game winning
2. Close Combat is fast and Brutal and finishes in 1 phase ,unlike some other silly games where the combat may drag on forever and that silly system has a rule that you cannot fire into combat. I thought that by starting and playing WHFB skaven, I can overcome that silly rule, but NO...and to be honest, I am disappointed
3. Infantry is essential and of utmost importance  in the game itself, unlike some other systems
4. Cheesy warmachine are kept at 1 per 1k in the game to keep the game balance
5. Command is needed to activate the troops, battle field friction  or fog of war somel iket o call it,which also means the ordered may not be carried out to the general's liking cos maybe the troops did not hear the order.

What makes a good miniature game, 1st of all, the fluff have to be great and in depth, next  the rule books and faction books must be full coloured, a  Clear set of rules and make the rules section an enjoyable read, so that readers will not be bored to death by the rules. lastlly, do not ever introduce miniatures like Land Raider Redeemers and Thunder Hammer Termiantors to unbalance the game!!!

Only 4 on the Floor  have achieved that so far, Privateer Press,  Battlefront miniatures , Spartan Games and Wyrd Miniatures. These 4 companies bring you Warmachine / Hordes, Flames of War, Unchartered Seas / Firestorm Armada and the all time steampunk, victorian horror, comical, game without a dice...Malifaux

More in my blog on these 4 companies later, now my 2 cents worth of ugly paint job

With all these characters completed, I have enough  for a 890pts game without  magic items.

Here are the boring pictures.