Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Warmaster High Elves Spearmen ---> 6 strips completed

Hi all,

I have been patiently and happily painting my High Elves, and speaking of HE, I met someone who was from my gaming group previously, and he is actually buying the new plastic Dragon Princes.

Then I realise the saddest thing in Warmaster for High Elves, there are no models for Dragon Prince...........WTF...I cannot IMAGINE a High Elf army without Dragon Princes. It will be like telling me that the Dark Elf army has no COK for models, or the Tau army has no hammerhead for models......

However, if I were to ever start an Elf army, my bulk of the army will consists of Spearmen and Archers / crossbow men. Cos in WAR, many men must die and have the Grandest MeatFest ever...

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