Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Beasts are coming


Its only my 2nd update in April, I have been tied down by work lately and do not have much time to paint.

My Beastmasters and Clawed Fiend came in. Beastmasters are flawed in the packaging as GW packed a Succubus body inside the blister instead of giving me a beastmaster...Arghhhhh...GW...

Luckily my Clawed Fiend came in perfect condition,and I painted him, but whats the use of a clawed fiend when you have no beastmaster......HAIZ

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grot sponsons for the Submarine is Done

Hi all,

Its been sometime since my last update. This month I have been very busy with touching up my Orks. I will be posting the updates of what I have touch up through the weeks of April, and to be honest, touching up is not easy

But 1st and foremost, as I promosed my warboss, I will be doing up my 2 Grot Sponsons for the submarine to get ready for this Saturday's game. I am a man of my word, If I commit, I will Deliver.